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I gave an elaborate explanation about timelaps exposure ramping in my last blog called Bulb ramping with a Nikon dSLR - The technical story. I am very interested in exposure ramping timelapse photography. These are movies where you for example see a sunset while the exposure of the movie stays more or less the same. My previous blog describes a solution for a problem that Nikon camera's have when you use them for this complex technique. I now have developed a device that can be used to automatically exposure ramp timelapse movies. The ISO of the camera, shutter speed and in the very near future the aperture of the camera will be automatically set by my timelapse controller. The 10pin connector, the PC-socket and the USB connection of my D700 are all connected to my timelapse controller. This makes it possible to have full control, but I can also measure actual exposure time by watching the PC-socket.

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Nikon blub ramp

This is fantastic!  Great work!  I myself use the Nikon kit and have just begun my interest into timelapse phot/video.  Until now research seemed a little grim for Nikon users but what you have created seem to show great promise.  I would be very interested in the product you are developing (I lack the knowledge and time to invent my own such device) and very curious to see how this develops.  If you do work out all the kinks and get it working you've got one buyer waiting! Keep up the good work. Cheers Matt 

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